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, bill clinton, is still a major figure in the party even though that galls barack obama, and it wouldn't do to have this other royal family in the democratic tent out there undermining obama's candidacy or -- excuse me, obama's presidency in any way. this was a goodwill gesture on the way out of the door. >> to keep her on base. >> could tep her close, absolutely. keep your enemies close and your friends closer. >> let me ask you back the question i put to joy and she asked and answered. will joe biden bow out if it's clear hillary is running? >> i think so. and i think so because hillary has a much deeper, broader base in the party. i know joe biden well, i have covered him for a long time. he's nothing if not a political realist. if he assesses the situation a couple years down the road and sees that the clinton machine is still out there, and by the way, hillary took the twol clinton man to the state department. that was hillary land over there, not obama land. >> i understand that completely. >> if that's still going on, i think joe biden will look at it and say i'm not sure i have
of the last election in 2012, 70%, at least 70% of hispanics voted for president obama. the republican party saying they want to get some of that vote in 2016. veronica? >> tracie potts in washington. good to see you this morning. thank you. >>> president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton were interviewered in an unusual appearance together on "60 minutes." they talked about their primary battle during the '08 campaign and their relationship during the last four years. >> we had such agreement on what needed to be done for our country. >> made for tough debates. >> it did. >> we could never figure out what we were different on. hillary mentioned, you know, part of our bond is we've been through a lot of the same stuff. and part of being through the same stuff is getting whacked around in political campaigns. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> being criticized in the press. you know, we've both built some pretty thick skins. by the time hillary joined the administration, i felt very confident and comfortable in all working relationship. i think what did evolve was a friendship as opposed to jus
? you wish. there is half a nation that's angry at what's happening and a good many are tea party. obama keeps it up and the tea party will continue to flourish. keep the conversation going. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >>> thanks, carol. and hi, everybody. nice to have you with us. it's 11:00 in the east. and now come the funerals and the arrests. the grief and incrimination, all of it in the wake of a terrible nightclub inferno in brazil. more than 200 people dead and one american says these horrific fires will continue to happen until authorities insist on sprinklers. we are also watching the border at this hour. our border, and capitol hill. and what could be a breakthrough in a hugely divisive debate. that's where we start this hour, immigration. specifically, immigration reform. it has been a very tough slog, even before the political landscape turned so incredibly toxic. but now this bipartisan group of senators on your screen, they're unveiling a wide ranging compromise that includes a so-called path to citizenship for roughly
but obama taking on his own party. that is next. >>> justin owned city aquariums in brooklyn, new york. his unique designs and personal attention to clients' fish gained him a celebrity clientele and calls any time day or night if they need help. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month actually... eddie continues singing: two tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid and social security do not sap our nation. they strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> it's hard to believe but the inauguration was just a week ago. in that speech, the president staunchly defended medicaid medicare and so
the republicans and the tea party really knocked barack obama for a loop and took control of the house. and then everything that happened after that. the tax cut deal, the big fights over the budget and the debt ceiling and deficit reduction, also the bin laden raid and what happened in egypt and libya. and so i'm looking at how obama made the decisions he made and took, why he took the actions he took in that very perilous time politically, but i also explain how this is all done in a way to set up the 2012 campaign that we just went through. he had a theory after he took that big hit in 2010, he had a theory that he could make the 2012 race a choice not just between him and mitt romney, but a choice between different ideologies, different approaches to government, between different sets of visions and values. and everything he did in that time frame he kept trying to tether to this big idea he had about a choice. and when i wrote the book, of course, we can't know how things would end up on november 6, 2012. but, um, i looked at how he developed his governing strategy and his elector
w. bush to unite his party sometimes, but even unite independents, and what did obama not want? that same issue, and that's why he wanted hillary clinton in his cabinet, in his white house, so he didn't have that. it kept the party united. that's what he was thanking her for more than anything else, which was sort of thank you for keeping the party united and not going to senate, which would have been, you know, think about every moment in the obama first term and what life would have been like for him with a senator hillary clinton. >> and what about the -- the reaction to this whole drama, 2016, jose, already. i know it's way too soon, and we all vowed we wendt do it, but seeing the two of them together, that does get people talking. >> you know, andrea, i'm so sorry. i'm having a real problem listening to you. not that i don't want to listen to you and to our friends here tonight. i just cannot understand -- i'm having a problem with audio. >> with audio. we are so sorry. >>. >> a good 2016 answer, actually. i think that's a perfect answer. >> can i say one thing that i thou
corker do republicans want to gut social security and medicare? does president obama want to destroy the republican party? >> obviously republicans want to make sure the entitlement programs are here for future generations. right now for every dollar we spend on young people we are spending four dollars on seniors. right now in medicare the average person pays for one third of the cost of the medicare program. now, dick durbin for what it is worth has been one of those people willing sit down and solve that problem and i congratulate him on that. as far as the president's goal of annihilating the republican party. i will say that i was glad to see that the house was unified behind something recently as it relates to the fiscal issues and i think that is a backstop to that. the fact is the one thing the president didn't mention in his speech was the major fiscal issue that our nation faces. it was everything but that and to me that was disheartening. it is the one issue that before anything else we need to put in the rear view mirror to make our country stronger. >> chris: senator dur
of the party. here's what he writes. obama is arguing that misfortune can strike americans in all forms. a sdabt, a storm, illness, or merely outliving our savings. ryan's budget imposes savage cuts to food stamps, children's health insurance, and other mitigations of suffering for the least fortunate. and ryan also voted against relief for victims of hurricane sandy. by ryan's definition, if the government is rebuilding your destroyed home, you're a taker too. >> look, this is a straw man argument. the president said earlier that we had care of the elderly and feeding poor children. when he sets up these straw men, to affix views to add ver sears that they don't have, to win the argument by default, it's not an honest debate. we want to have a safety net. a safety net that's there for the vulnerable, poor, for people who cannot help themselves. but we don't want to have a culture in this country that encouraging more dependency that saps and drains people of their ability to make the most of their lives. >> which part of the culture today is doing that? is part of this culture that yo
to believe that he's thinking more of a political conquest than a political compromise. >> pity party. table for one, please. the gop is stuck on this one. the president obamas trying to destroy the gop. trying to shove them into the dust pan of history. here's a hint. president obama doesn't need to do that. republicans are doing it just fine all by themselves. for all their bluster about change, gop leaders insist on no overall at all is needed. one gop official everyone says "we don't need a new pair of shoes, we just need to shine our shoes. shine their shoes? that's not goods enough. republicans need to try walking in someone else's shoes for a change. because for all of their talk about out reach to women, the rnc just approved a resolution. calling on congress to defunct planned parenthood with no objections. and while support for women's rights to choose is at an all-time high. here's what speaker boehner says is his fundamental goal. >> with all the mistakes, it's becoming more and more important for us to share the truth with our young people and encourage them to lock arms, speak
was just circumstances, the economy wasn't bad enough to fire obama and the republican party, its brand was still being dragged down with the association through the financial crisis in iraq and sundry other leftovers of the bush years? >> i think the clearest way to look at this is to look at 2010. 2010 was a resounding rejection of what obama had done in the first two years. it was a resounding rejection of the inintrusiveness expansion of the government. it essentially was a referendum on this kind of hyper liberalism and a referendum on the question of the size, the scope, the reach of government, and it was kind of a pure ideological election, because there were no personalities involved. you weren't voting for a president, you weren't voting up and down on a figure, you were voting on issues. and the don't instant -- dominant issue was obama, was the increase in spending, was essentially the expansion of government. or to put it a more abstract and grand way, the relationship between citizen and state which obviously was tilting towards state. so -- and there when the question is
know, one of the connections that the democratic party faces is who can keep the obama coalition going and i think probably hillary clinton is more likely to be able to do that rather than biden. and i also just think that part of obama's legacy is whether or not he's going to be able to hand off the white house to another democrat in the way that reagan was able to do and i think he's probably smart thinking at 2016 and thinking who's the best person to hand this white house off to, who can really pull it off. >> right. mark, we have to point out and negligent not to talk about what's happening in egypt right now and more violence, more deaths. we'll have some live images coming up today. it was another awful day. these are live pictures right now from tahrir square where we have seen more violence and the president tauted the successes of hillary clinton. these are the image that is are piercing through us in this region and in syria, jordan, as well. the list could certainly increase. >> i think the arab spring and how that turns out no one really knows. we won't have a verdict for
and ten seats in congress to democrats in that 2012 election. his job as head of the national party even as lenient -- louisiana's popular governor and from a republican both cried out for the party's revitalization, new ideas, and the voices. obama administration stalwart treasury secretary gagger and secretary of state clinton bidding farewell to the administration. clinton finally this week testifying on benghazi, trying to explain away one of the administration's biggest failures. another week in which president obama has dispatched vice-president biden to campaign against the second amendment. the president's inaugural this week. next week he launches his campaign for comprehensive immigration reform. next week senator kerry to be confirmed as the next secretary of state as early as tuesday. the president's nominee to replace the outgoing defense secretary, leon panetta, this week maintaining a low profile. secretary panetta competing for media and public attention when he made a surprise announcement as he lifted the ban on female troops in combat. retired army general and done wha
not begin with obama, he has just accelerated a trend that was well-established, the party of creating a larger and larger states, more and more benefit, sucking more and more out of the private sector to create a larger public sector. so, the undesirable job of republicans was to say, i am here to take away your goodies because it is not good for you and it will bankrupt everybody. it is awfully hard to deliver that message in a positive way. the only positive way you can deliver it is to talk about growth, because we have seen the effects of growth under reagan and what that does. you can make the -- and under clinton, too, to be fair. for a variety reasons, mostly to do with the republican house. with growth, you can make your deficits a little bit more manageable. it is not easy to be the messenger who says, we promised too much, we cannot afford it, we are out of money, we are going to go bankrupt. somebody has to deliver that message or we are going over the real life. not the fiscal cliff writ >> it is definitely harder. people just accept on the conservative side, it is going t
to a member of the cabinet last night who was at the party. and he said michelle and barack obama were on the dance floor until 3:00 a.m. >> wow. >> themselves. >> i guess did the party continue when the president and first lady go fwoed? >> i have been to parties where the president and first lady go to bed. this sets a new record? >> i haven't heard it. maybe this explains why things were so slow on tuesday at the whitehouse. one of the last tweets from that party from one of the celebs was 2:38. there was no doubt the party we want way, way into the evening. i guess it's not surprising the host would stay up with everyone. >> when was the prayer breakfast, david? >> like 10:30 or 11. later in the morning. >> service at the national cathedral. >> didn't have to speak at that. he could always nod off. >> bill: i guess i will fess up, the secretary, donovan, the secretary of housing who was there with his wife and he said they were cutting it up, too. michelle and barack on the floor. he said he knows at 3:00 a.m. it surprised me. for obama particularly
done a lot of good for barack obama the past four years. the fact that she was willing to join the administration, serve so loyally. kept the party, democratic party united. that at this point she's leaving after hitting a bit of a rough spot with the benghazi con tro strersy and also with her health issues that it was a way to say thank you. the only person might not have been so thrilled to see this interview is joe biden. because they could be rivals for the democratic nomination in 2016. but i think it may have been just exactly what barack obama said. a chance to say thank you. >> and he had called her one of the finest secretaries of state. with that said here, susan, last day, this friday, for secretary clinton. what can't president obama do in his second term without her? we've said it so many times. she's the most traveled, has spent the most miles in the air. the administration also according to what steve croft was pointing out in the interview, saying they had no major foreign policy accomplishments, major ones, that is, that they could hold high was his question in
. if you're a member other public and party and people are saying obama is terrible, what your replacement for obamacare and dodd-frank? we don't want to get into that right now. that's not serious governing party. in that respect having a leader won't be enough to having serious policies of the national level comparable to those a lot of governors are in pursuit of the state level. >> i think there's a movement issue. i were to do. the conservative movement came into fruition with reagan in 1980. it's now, as a governing force, it's now three decades old. a lot of what goes on in movements, as result of three decades and a lot of groups getting involved and a lot of interest groups on the right is a kind of choking off of a lot of conversation because if you start down the road the bill is going to you start talking about what is the kind of regulation you should have. and instantly you trigger a regulation, bad, regulation is bad so, therefore, talking about regulation, particularly among the republican audience, particularly in a republican presidential debate becomes the know know. som
that purity tests for the sake of purity tests alone will kill your party. for everyone who's mad at obama for not being more to the left, i understand but look at the side of what the tea party has done in terms of leading this party off a cliff. getting the tea party candidates in primaries who are unelectable. and i would love to see dennis kucinich as president but i know if he got the nomination, he would be flattened. we have to have this compromise. progress takes time. >> caller: what you just said to me is exactly what happened in 2010 when we -- various democratic voters just had a problem with various things. >> john: i'm going to disagree with you. i don't blame democratic voters -- i don't blame progressive discontent with the president for 2010. i blame a couple of things. number one people not showing up to vote. we showed up. we showed up to vote in 2010. a lot of democrats didn't. the ones who criticize the president still came out to vote. you have to keep in mind the historical reality that generally, unless a 9-11 happens, a new president always loses seats at the first
been peeled off the ceiling yet but on what may have been the more interesting obama interview published this weekend, the president talked gun control, the future of both parties and football with the "new republic" as they tried to relaunch. the president acknowledged getting gun control through congress will be tough and said "if you group up and your dad gave you a hunting rifle when you were 10 and you spent the day whim and your uncle and that became part of i don't are family traditions, you can see why you would be protective of that." ask if he ever fired a gun, the president went as far to say up at camp david we do skeet shooting all the time. the president will meet with law enforcement officials across america. it's looking more and more like by the way, that a background check bill is the vehicle that is most likely to get through the senate. on friday oklahoma republican senator tom coburn told a tulsa radio station he's working on a bill with senators chuck schumer and jove mansion to keep guns away from criminals and the mentally ill. think about that, a rural
and the republicans don't want him to put his name on this thing. >> bob: this is not an obama bill. >> kimberly: a new fox news poll shows 55% favor pathway to citizenship. 17% say send them home. 13% guest worker program. this is an ince both parties will have to deal with. directly ahead, is he damaging the reputation for tough journallism by doing softball interviews like he did last night with president obama and hillary clinton. plus, the president takes a shot at fox news. should other news organization be embarrassed that he doesn't think they are as tough on the administration? that and much more when we come back. ♪ ♪ meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. stop! stop! stop! come back here! humans -- we are beautifully imperfect creatures living in an imperfect world. that's why liberty mutual insurance has
not want to miss with mary jo. mary joe does not intimidate easily. >> the second obama administration began with an 19- minute 2114-word address that senate minority leader mitch mcconnell described as an unabashedly left-of-center speech that brought back memories of the democratic party of ages past. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity, until bright young students and engineers are lifted in our work force rather than expelled in our country. . our journey is not complete until all our children, from the streets of detroit to the hills of appalachia to the lanes of the town know that they are cared for. and cherished. and always safe from harm. >> immigration and gun-control. at his comments on the need to preserve medicare, medicaid, and social security, and you have a good picture of where you want to take the country. how would you grade the president's speech a to f? >> i thought it was a lot better than the first speech. the crowd had a blast. it was a speech that does represent his o
in to bring the crowd under control and secure party headquarters. almost 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s. could be closer to becoming citizens. planned changes to immigration controls are part of obama's second term. they have been working for weeks on a proposal to reform legislation. >> president obama is traveling to las vegas, nev., on tuesday to outline proposals on immigration reform. he follows with more than 70% of the hispanic community helsing and asians and africans and -- helping and asians and african- americans. mitt romney policies would have led to self deportation. on tuesday look for president obama to outline of half way to citizenship for more than a 11 million undocumented workers. there will be a framework for people to pay back taxes, taxes they could not pay before. there are signs of political bipartisanship on this issue. here is the leading republican senator speaking on sunday. >> what has changed is there is an appreciation on both sides of the idle, including on the republican side of the aisle that we have to enact a comprehensive reform bill. >>
: which -- >> he wants to continue to keep his tea party bona fides. chris: when we come back the big question of the week. now that we have seen the second inaugural address k. barack obama be the most transformative president since reagan? be right back. >> "the chris matthews show" is brought to you by charles schwab. let's talk about giving your schwab. let's talk about giving your portfolio a chris: welcome back. candidate barack obama offended the clintons during the 2008 primaries with this interview in reno. >> i think ronald reagan changed the trajectory of america in a way that richard nixon did not. and in a way that bill clinton did not. chris: which brings us to this week's big question. can barack obama become a transformative president even if republicans go all out to stop him? chuck todd. >> here's how it works. he only -- only if he gets a third term. you have to break -- to transform, to move a country from senator right -- from center right to center left. a more conservative democratic party. that's when you know success -- chris: he's got to get one of these two
on wednesday following president obama's suggestions to try to curb gun violence. some of his suggestions included universal background checks and ban on assault weapons. the president could face opposition from his own party. in alaska, arkansas and montana, they're up for reelection in 2014 and are unsure about the president's proposals. >>> the fate of a wrongful death lawsuit filed in the wake of the virginia tech shootings could be decided next month. three supreme court justices will hear appeals in the lawsuit. they'll decide whether the full court will take up the case. two victims' families filed the wrongful death suit against the commonwealth claiming their daughter could have survived if virginia tech warned the campus sooner. the jury found in favor of the famili families. a judge are upheld the decision but reduced the damage awarded. both parties filed appeals. >>> a large barge hit a bridge causing an oil spill in the mississippi river. officials with the coast guard have not said how much of the oil spilled into the river. oily sheen was reported three miles down river fr
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and this party is saying obama is terrible. so what's your replacement for his signature piece of legislation, obamacare and dodd-frank? well, we don't want to get into that right now. that's not a serious governing party. in in a respect having a leader won't be enough. having serious policies at the national level comparable to those, a lot of governors are pursuing at the state level is necessary. >> i think there's a movement issue here. i really do. you know, the conservative movement didn't -- came into fruition with reagan in 1980. it's now as a governing force, it's now three decades old. and a lot of what goes on in movement circles as a result of three decades and a lot of groups getting involved and a lot of interest groups on the right is the kind of choking off of a lot of conversations. if you start down the road the bill is going to, you talk about, what is the kind of regulation we should have? and instantly you trigger a regulation is bad. so talking about regulation, particularly among republican audience, particularly in republican presidential debates, becomes a no-no so p
but funny the editor of the new republic, chris hughes, dot-com millionaire. donor that used for obama and says in the letter to readers in same issue with the interview, he says how they will have no partisan bias. they are not going to push a party line, not going to be biased toward a group or party. yet, this thing was basically dictation from the president of the united states. >> bret: mara? >> i think that, you know, chris hughes has to prove that. right out of the gate he did an interview with the president and he is a big donor and employee. it seemed weird. full of conflict. the steve croft interview was interesting when you hear him asking the question, why did you want to do this? almost like a bubble over his head why did i agree to do this? it was kind of tough piece exit interview pat on the head for hillary. he played along from what we can tell. >> bret: exit interviews are one thing. at the end of two terms, looking back over two terms. one of those things. and you ask questions, reflective. the president tarting a second term in the middle of controversy. the secreta
that fire. we will have more live in our next hour. >>> president obama phoned israeli prime minister netanyahu today. he congratulated the israeli leader on his party's victory last week's elections. the president repeated his commitment to the deep and enduring bonds between the u.s. and israel. >>> and we are getting new details about the condition of former israeli prime minister ariel sharon who suffered a devastating stroke seven years ago. here's cnn's sara sidner. >> reporter: one thing is clear, doctors and sharon's family are excited about what a new test has revealed. doctors and scientists from the u.s. and israel used a high-powered mri on mr. sharon. and the scan showed significant brain activity in response to external stimuli. mr. sharon has been in the hospital for seven years after suffering is a brain hemorrhage in 2006. now, for year, the public has been under the impression that the storied israeli political powerhouse was in a coma or vegetative state. i spoke with the doctor who said sharon actually has had a low level or intermediate level of consciousness thro
. the senate judiciary committee will begin hearings on wednesday following president obama's suggestions to curb gun violence. some of his suggestions include universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons. the president could face opposition from his own party. pro gun democratic senators in alaska, arkansas and montana are all up for reelection in 2014 and have said they are unsure about the president's proposals. >>> today a rally in support of repealing the death penalty in maryland. this afternoon the relatives of five murder victims will join a rally in annapolis. they're supporting the push to repeal the state's death penalty. it's organized by the maryland citizens against state executions. >>> a large barge carrying 80 dpals of oil hit a bridge causing an oil spill in the mississippi river. officials with the coast guard have not said how much of that oil spilled into the river. oily sheen was reported as far as three miles down river from the accident. this crash happened early sunday morning. officials say two barges were damaged but they believe only one actually hi
on the heels of last year's election in which president obama won seven of every ten hispanic votes in his victory over republican mitt romney. senator john mccain of arizona said that's the key reason his party must now get on board. >> elections. elections. the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. and we realize that there are many issues in which we think we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens, but this is a preeminent issue with those citizens. >> ifill: mccain also said the country cannot continue to deny citizenship to children brought to the u.s. illegally. president obama has said immigration reform is at the top of his second term agenda. today his spokesman jay carney welcomed the senate agreement. >> this is a big deal. this is an important development. this is in keeping with the principles the president has been espousing for a long time, in keeping with bipartisan efforts in the past, and with the effort this president believes has to end in a law that he can sign. >> ifill: mr. obama is scheduled to unveil his own ideas on immigration refo
of last year's election in which president obama won seven of every ten hispanic votes in his victory over republican mitt romney. senator john mccain of arizona said that's the key reason his party must now get on board. >> elections. elections. the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. and we realize that there are many issues in which we think we are in agreement with our hispanic citizens, but this is a preeminent issue with those citizens. >> ifill: mccain also said the country cannot continue to deny citizenship to children brought to the u.s. illegally. president obama has said immigration reform is at the top of his second term agenda. today his spokesman jay carney welcomed the senate agreement. >> this is a big deal. this is an important development. this is in keeping with the principles the president has been espousing for a long time in keeping with bipartisan efforts in the past, and with the effort this president believes has to end in a law that he can sign. >> ifill: mr. obama is scheduled to unveil his own ideas on immigration reform tomorrow in
republicans for their party to stop saying things that erode the gop brand and turn off voters in droves. this is the woman who, last fall, accused obama of shuck and jive in his statements on the killings of u.s. diplomatic personnel in benghazi, a racist term dating from slavery days. the problem for republicans is that democrats nominated and elected a black president -- twice now -- while they are still trying to fight perceptions they are hostile to minorities and the policies they support. that makes comments like palin's particularly harmful. the shuck-and-jive incident was one of many signs that palin has not adapted to a changing political environment." >> first of all, on that comment, it is deeply offensive. democrats did the same thing in 2008. i believe andrew cuomo may have said the same thing in 2008, and he was -- >> got a pass. >> yeah. he was not hammered as much. >> he got hammered for that? i read that someone got a pass for it. >> some have gotten a pass. anyway, i think cuomo got hammered pretty hard. but this is -- i saw, richard haass, mr. i'm not going to specula
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